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Unblock The Color Barrier

Color blocking has come a long way since Piet Mondrian first drew black lines against a white background, proceeding to fill in the shapes with red, yellow and blue.

Progressive color blocking is not limited to these three primary colors and nor is it in need of black boarder lines. Removing these lines allows for colors and shapes to overlap each other, adding another layer of dimension and perspective into the mix.

The concept of color blocking has been trending in fashion for the past few years but this look from Helmut Lang’s Spring/Summer 2014 collection stands out from the crowd because it has embraced this notion of color  blocking without barriers.

Similarly, this boarder-less bathroom has a uniquely creative look and the lack of lines just helps it feel larger than life.

Unblock the color barriers this season by trying different shades and shapes to create one sharp look!

Photos: Helmut Lang, isbjorncollective.tumblr