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Posts tagged Eco Friendly
Earth Day 2014

You don’t need to wear burlap on your feet or hang hemp shades in your home to prove that you're eco friendly because fashion and interior designers have worked hard to evolve the style and aesthetics of earth friendly fabrics.

H&M launched a sustainable clothing line that is super trendy. They use organic cotton, organic leather, organic linen, organic silk, organic hemp, recycled polyester, recycled wool and FSC natural rubber. This outfit meshes these organic and recycled elements to create a boho chic look that's trendy enough for the boardroom.

3Form is a company that has been on the forefront of sustainable living. They create materials that are suitable for LEED certified commercial buildings and some of their products also work well in residential environments. This Varia Ecoresin Linea Ochre translucent panel is made of 40% post consumer content. This would be great option for a sliding panel door to your master bath, a partition wall to separate open spaces or paneling along a staircase.

Do your part to save the planet but don't forget that being environmentally conscious can also be quite glamorous.


Photos: H&M, 3Form